Figbash (Lavender) Ladies Fitted T-Shirt

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Figbash (Lavender) Ladies Fitted T-Shirt
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Amuse your friends and confound your enemies! Who is Figbash? What is Figbash? One of the iconic creatures created by Edward Gorey, Figbash stars in a number of books, can contort himself into all the letters of the alphabet (see Figbash Acrobate), and was even hand-sewn by Gorey into a stuffed doll (those are tough to find!). But here is is featured on his own t-shirt, fitted just for women. (A hint: many customers order a size or two up from what they'd generally wear). Printed front (Figbash in a circle) and back (a line of cavorting Figbashes).

This shirt runs small it is recommend to select one size up. Available in size M-XXL